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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure Blue Version Chapter 8

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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure Blue Version Chapter 8

Post by Tadukoo on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:33 pm

“Why are we fighting?” Fox asked. “Just do it!” Captain Falcon yelled. “No,” Fox replied. “Then there are three teams,” Ness said. “Me and Kirby; Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff, and Pikachu; and Fox.” “No, I’m with Lucario, Lickilicky, Olimar, Louie, Orawil, and Wob” Fox said touching their statues quickly. “My name is Wobres, not Wob,” Wobres said. Wobres aimed his gadget at Kirby, who aimed his at him, they both dodged and it hit Olimar and Ness. “Yes!” they both yelled. Suddenly Pikachu broke the gadgets in half from behind. They then became four gadgets. Everyone went to grab them. Wobres, Louie, Captain Falcon, and Pikachu got them. Kirby made a new one, though. Now there were five gadgets. Kirby aimed his at Captain Falcon, who aimed at Louie, who aimed at Pikachu, who aimed at Wobres, who aimed at Kirby. They all fired at once. Louie was first to get hit. His gadget disinagrated. Then Pikachu got hit, and his gadget disinagrated also. Suddenly Captain Falcon got hit, and his gadget disinagrated, too. Wobres and Kirby dodged and Orawil and Lucario got hit. Now it was Kirby vs. Jigglypuff vs. Fox, Lickilicky, and Wobres. Kirby hit Jigglypuff, who was singing, for some reason. Then Wobres hit Kirby while he was looking at Jigglypuff. “Yay! We won!” Lickilicky said. “We’ve got to touch these statues!” Wobres yelled. “No!” Fox said. “Keep them like this.” Suddenly Lickilicky went around and touched all the statues. “Why did you save us?” all of them said. “Well, if we didn’t someone else might and then all of you would probably chase us and beat us,” Lickilicky said.
“Yeh, probably,” Kirby said. Suddenly all of them disappeared except Lucario, Lickilicky, Olimar, Louie, Orawil, and Wobres.

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