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The New Age of Pokemon-chapter1

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The New Age of Pokemon-chapter1

Post by Tadukoo on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:07 pm

July 6, 35670
Chapter 1: The basics
Part1: The changes in Kanto
In Kanto Ash Ketchum was crowned King of Pokemon. He has held this title for years. In the year 10000 they invented the time machine and a way to live forever. The only drawback of living forever is that they stay at a very old age. Ash was challenged millions of times for his title, but he never lost.
In Kanto Cinnabar Island was destroyed by a volcano, rebuilt by sand from nearby beaches, became a castle island, and the gym on it was never rebuilt. The castle contains what they could bring back using the time machine, but they just couldn’t rebuild the gym at all.
They made a new gym on a newly discovered abandoned island called Cinnamon Island. On Cinnamon Island they found two abandoned mansions. One of them is the new gym. The other is a hotel with a viewing area for the gym battles.
The Seafoam Islands were destroyed in a flood. They were rebuilt out of ice that never melts, and now it is a resort. There was a ninth gym put on it.
Gary Oak became the new professor Oak and now gives out five different starters in the Kanto region. His father, Professor Sam Oak, is still living, but can’t do much of anything anymore.
Fossil pokemon were brought back to life and tamed so they don’t attack people much. They still keep some fossils in the pewter museum.
Pewter City was destroyed along with Viridian city in a hurricane. The Viridian Forest was also destroyed. They were all rebuilt. The forest is now a big cave underground. The Viridian gym was moved to a new city called Domino City. It is located near the Destruction Cave, the new cave that leads to the Pokemon League. The old cave was blocked off by a new team called Team Solstice.
Team Solstice is a team like Team Rocket, except, they succeed a lot. They also discovered the way to live forever unfortunately. They have been causing mayhem and badness for centuries. They have never been caught except once. They escaped because it was an old man that caught them.
Team Rocket was defeated years ago by the King of Pokemon. They were so old they died before he faced them.
They made a tenth gym in Pallet Town. It took up a lot of space, so they had to make Pallet town bigger. It is now Pallet City.
There is a rumor that Team Rocket still exists underground. There has been no proof to this.
Max from Hoenn started his Pokemon journey. He currently has no badges. He wants to become great like Ash.
The gym leaders have changed. They will be revealed later.
The current Elite Four in order from first to fourth are Lt. Surge, Gordy, Misty, and Brock. The champion is currently Cynthia.
Brock finally got Officer Jenny to fall in love with him. They got married. Their son is Gordy. At the time this happened Croagunk was locked in a metal box.
Part2: The changes in Johto
Johto was destroyed. They are currently working on rebuilding it. They are almost done with the land. They still have the sky, the water, the buildings, etc.
Currently there are 25 pokemon on Johto. There are only three different species, though. They are Machop, Machoke, and Machamp.
Johto was destroyed by Team Rocket members. Everyone supposedly died that lived on Johto.
Part3: The changes in Hoenn
In Hoenn there have been many changes as well.
Team Magma and Aqua were defeated. They were hard for the King of Pokemon, but he did it. Everyone was happy.
Team Celestial was formed in Hoenn. They also found out the secret to living forever. They were caught once. They were in jail for ten seconds. They broke out. They were never caught since.
Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza left Hoenn. They went to the Cerulean Cave in Kanto. Also, Moltres, Mewtwo, and the newly created Mewthree moved to Hoenn. They all went to different places.
Mewthree was made by some scientists who cloned Mew and Mewtwo exactly, deleted all of their memories, and put them in an area together to try to breed them. The results were creepy. The Mew and Mewtwo clones died. Their egg hatched and out from it came a Mewtwo with Mew’s head and tail. It became the four hundred ninety fourth pokemon.
There have been rumors of things in Hoenn. Like there’s a rumor that someone named Blast Meetchuthere is planning to become a great pokemon master and try to beat Ash. It’s just a rumor though.
They discovered a new island they named Black Island. On it they made a new ninth gym.
They made a tenth gym in a new city called Victory City, which is located near the Pokemon League.
The elite four have had many changes. In Hoenn Brandon became the third of the Elite Four and Agnatha became the fourth. The second is now some person named Sassed Passed. The first is Justin Must Win. The Champion is May.
Part4: The changes in Sinnoh
Team Galactic was never beaten. They are still out there causing horrible things somewhere.
The elite four have had many changes. In Sinnoh Dawn became the third of the Elite Four and Paul became the fourth. The second is now some person named Blast Meetchuthere. The first is Gus Must Prevail. The Champion is May’s Day.
In Sinnoh they added a new Battle Frontier. It has ten badges. No one has beaten it, yet. Ash Ketchum became King of Pokemon before it was made.
Part5: The changes in Badges
In each region there are now ten badges. Once you get all ten, you can go to the Pokemon League to face the Elite Four. Once you beat them you can go to Pallet City to face the champion of the region you beat the Elite Four in. Then once you get all 40 badges, beat the two battle frontiers, getting all 20 of those badges, and beat all of the Elite Fours and all of the champions, then you may face the King of Pokemon. [Currently the King of Pokemon, like I said earlier, is Ash Ketchum].
Part6: The New Region-Cinnamon
Since Johto was destroyed by Team Rocket, they had to get a new region so that there was an even forty badges. They found an abandoned continent located near Johto. They named it Cinnamon.
In Cinnamon there were no cities or towns that weren’t destroyed. They had to make their own. They made Mallet Town, Piridian City, Bewter Town, Cruelean City, and the rest will be told later.
There is a strange person living in Mallet Town that says there is a team that has been hiding on this continent that is waiting for people to discover them so they can destroy every last thing. No one believed him, though.

To Be Continued...
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