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When Worlds Collide

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When Worlds Collide

Post by Tadukoo on Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:13 pm

Chapter 1-Mock-The Runaway

Mock had always hated his name, until now.

Every time the phone rang and asked for Mock it was, “Why do you want me to mock you?” “Oh, you mean my son.” The funny thing was, Mock actually mocks people. However, this time the person made a mistake on the phone.

“Hello,” the person on the phone said.

“Hi?” Mock answered, wondering who it was.

“Yes, sir your credit card that allows you to access anything and get anything you want is ready for you to pick up at three o’clock P.M. tomorrow at the new Pewter City Skyscraper,” the person replied.

“Okay, I’ll get it then,” Mock replied.

“Okay, Ma’am,” the person said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” Mock said. He hung up.

The Next Day

Mock was on his way to the Pewter City Skyscraper, when he ran into Listy, Misty’s daughter.

“Hi,” Listy said.

“What’s up?” Mock asked.

“Well, there’s the sky, heaven, clouds, the colors blue and white, some birds, maybe a plane, the planets, the Sun, the moon, gases, liquids, solids, plasmas,…” Listy replied, interrupted by Mock.

“I meant how are you,” Mock said, interrupting her.

“Oh,” Listy said, blushing.

“What’s in the bag?” Listy asked, noticing the bag, still blushing.

“Nothing,” Mock replied.

“Okay,” Listy said, blushing still.

“Do you like me or something?” Mock asked.

“No!” Listy replied, still blushing.

“Well, I have to go,” Mock said. “Bye.”

“See you later,” Listy said.

Mock continued to the skyscraper. When he entered the person asked, “Do you have an appointment?”

“No, I just need to use the bathroom,” Mock replied. He went into the bathroom in the skyscraper and went in a stall. He took some stuff out of his bag. He took out a box and opened it. He took out of the box a bunch of metal pieces and a book. He opened the book, looked at the instructions, and built it. It ended up being a large cylinder. He plugged it into the outlet, got in, and turned it on.

The machine closed in on him, turning him into a very skinny person. Then it put a bunch of seeds into him. Then it expanded and shocked him, causing him to become a normal person, except without any body parts to tell gender. Then once he stepped out, he waited and waited. He got girl body parts. Then his hair grew to a girl’s length. He pulled a bunch of things out of his backpack, such as lipstick and make-up. He put it all on and now he was the hottest girl ever. She put her backpack into the machine, and it became a purse. The machine now exploded. She made sure no one was in the bathroom, since she was in a Men’s room. When she came out, she escaped through a window and went in the front door.

“Do you have an appointment?” the person asked.

“Yes,” Mock replied. “I’m at 3:00P.M.”

“Oh, right this way, Madame,” the person said.

Mock entered a conference room. A man was sitting at the table.

“Hello,” the guy said.

“Hi,” Mock said.

“My name is Professor Maple. I retired years ago after a kid named Ash came to me. You can have your credit card if you go on a date with me,” Professor Maple said. “What’s your name?”

“I thought you talked to me on the phone,” Mock said.

“No, that was an intern,” Maple replied.

“Oh, well my name is Marissa,” Mock replied.

“Okay, so will you go on a date with me?” Maple asked.

“Well, okay,” Marissa replied.

“Okay, see me tonight at my house and you will get your credit card then here is a map to my house,” Maple said.

That Night

Marissa was on her way to Maple’s house when she tripped on her toe. She had a beautiful dress on, and it got covered in mud. She went to a random clothes store, went in the bathroom, changed into her ugly clothes, and washed the beautiful dress off in the sink. Then she sold the beautiful dress and bought the perfect dress that she found in the store. She tried it on, and it was perfect. The storeowner wanted to date her, but she said no.

She went to Maple’s house and went to the bathroom as soon as she got there. She changed into her perfect dress. When she came out, Maple fainted.

When Maple got up, he said, “You are the hottest girl I have ever seen.”

“Really?” Marissa asked.

“Yes,” Maple replied.

“Do you like fireplaces?” Maple asked.

“Yes,” Marissa replied.

Maple pressed a button and a fireplace came out of nowhere.

“Here’s the credit card,” Maple said, handing Marissa the card. “You’re going to leave now, aren’t you?” Maple got a sad expression on his face.

“No,” Marissa replied.

Suddenly the house started shaking. Marissa ran out of the house, and Maple followed her and got his foot stuck in the house when it collapsed.

Marissa tried to pull Maple’s leg out, but she was not strong enough. Maple tried to help, but they still could not get him out. She went home to Brock’s house and when she got there, it was destroyed. She found no signs of them getting out. She went to the Pokemon Center for help. The Blissey there went to Maple’s house and got him out.

“Let’s go to my lab,” Maple said.

“Okay,” Marissa said.

They headed for his lab in Maple City, just east of Cerulean City. They got to Cerulean City, when they noticed that at the edge of the city there was another planet stuck to theirs.

Sorry if the chapter was a little bad- I had writer's block while i was doing it.
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