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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Prologue

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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Prologue

Post by Tadukoo on Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:20 am


Once upon a time, there was a Lucario. He lives in a mansion. He has seven butlers and seven maids. In his mansion, there are seven million, seven hundred seventy-seven thousand, seven hundred seventy-seven rooms. One hundred eleven are bedrooms. The rest you will find out later.

One day Lucario was lying in bed.

His friend Lickilicky who lives with him came in and said, “Youlookbored.Whyareyoubored?” [Lickilicky likes to talk fast sometimes]

“I wish I could go on an adventure. But if I leave my mansion who will watch it for me?” Lucario answered.

“Why don’t you get Blissey to watch it for you, she’s good at watching places,” Lickilicky replied.

“Okay I’ll call her,” Lucario answered.

Lucario dialed Blissey’s number [242]. Her phone rang 3 times.

“Hi Lucario, why did you call?” Blissey asked.

“Hubakunychanikad,” Lucario answered [Lucario was surprised Blissey knew it was him without him saying that]. Lickilicky took the phone. “HiBlisseyLucarioandIaregoingonanadventure.CanyouwatchLucario’smansionforhim.Thanksbye,” Lickilicky said. He hung up the phone.

“Ah same old Lickilicky. Nice boy.” Blissey said.

“Where do you want to go on an adventure to?” Lickilicky asked Lucario.

“I want to go to Earth. I heard there were humans and other pokémon there.” Lucario replied.

“Ohhh, I’ve always wanted to go to Earth,” Lickilicky screamed. “When will we leave?”
“In about ten minutes. I have to get ready. Go get ready yourself and prepare the ship. I’ll see you then. You can get ready in bathroom 150. I’ll be getting ready in bathroom 77,” Lucario replied [They have 175 bathrooms].

Lickilicky got ready and prepared the ship. Lucario came out and got in the ship with Lickilicky and they took off. In outer space they got hit by a mysterious ship. Their ship and the mysterious ship both crashed on a planet.

To Be Continued...
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