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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Epilogue

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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Epilogue

Post by Tadukoo on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:54 pm


“Riolu, where are you?” Lickilicky asked. “Here I am,” Riolu answered popping out of nowhere. “Where’s my dad?” “Come with me to your room,” Lickilicky replied. So they went into Riolu’s room and Lickilicky took seven hours telling Riolu about their time on Earth and how they got back here and came to Arceus and Arceus got mad when Riolu said, “What happened next?” “Next Arceus started coming towards Lucario when suddenly Lucario fell down,” Lickilicky said. “What do you mean?” Riolu said. “He died,” Lickilicky replied. “Did he have a last request?” Riolu asked crying. “After he fell down we came up to him and he said, ‘Lickilicky… take care of… ‘Cough’ my kids.’” Lickilicky replied sadly. “Why did he die?” Riolu asked still crying. “He died of old age,” Lickilicky replied. “I promise I’ll take good care of you.” “What about my brothers and sisters?” Riolu asked. “I don’t know them yet but I’ll take good care of them too,” Lickilicky replied. “I need to be alone right now,” Riolu said. “Okay,” Lickilicky said. So Lickilicky left the room.
He went searching for Mew. “Mew, where are you?” Lickilicky asked. “She must have left.”


Mew was walking somewhere. “Ditto, where are you?” she said. “I’m here,” Ditto replied. “Why are you here?” “My husband died,” Mew replied. “So what you want to marry me?” Ditto asked. “Yes,” Mew replied. So they got married and had one thousand Mews.

The Next Morning

“Riolu, are you hungry?” Lickilicky asked. “Yes,” Riolu answered. “Are you done crying yet?” Lickilicky asked. “Yes,” Riolu answered. Suddenly Riolu started glowing white. Do do do do do do do do was the music heard then. “What’s happening?” Lickilicky asked entering Riolu’s room. “Oh, you’re evolving!” Riolu stopped shining and he was a lucario. “Now that you evolved you shall be known as Lucario,” Lickilicky said. “I want to do the things my dad was going to do,” Lucario said. “By the way, who are your brothers and sisters?” Lickilicky asked. “There’s Diglet, Bonsly, Mime Jr., and Mime Jr.,” Lucario replied. “When can we start our adventure?” “The ship works but wait a couple of days, first,” Lickilicky replied. “Olimar, Louie, Orawil, Wobres, and I are still a little bit sad about your dad.” “Okay, I’ll wait,” Lucario said.
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