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Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:50 pm by Tadukoo

The rules have received a massive remodeling today.

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My Fanfics

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Post by Tadukoo on Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:28 am

My fanfics

Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure
    Blue Version
         Part 1
Prologue-Click Here
Chapter 1-Click Here
Chapter 2-Click Here
Chapter 3-Click Here
Chapter 4-Click Here
Chapter 5-Click Here
Epilogue-Click Here
         Part 2
Prologue-Click Here
Chapter 6-Click Here
Chapter 7-Click Here
Chapter 8-Click Here
Chapter 9-Click Here
Epilogue-Coming Soon

         Part 3-Coming Soon
Prologue-Coming Soon
Chapter 10-Coming Soon
Chapter 11-Coming Soon
Chapter 12/Epilogue-Cancelled-Version Ended

    Yellow Version-Coming Soon
         Part 1-Coming Soon
Prologue-Coming Soon
Chapter 1-Coming Soon
Chapter 2-Coming Soon
Chapter 3-Coming Soon

    Green Version
Chapter 1-Coming Soon

    Red Version
Chapter 1-Click Here
Chapter 2-Cancelled

Mysteries of Super Smash Bros.-Lost Sad
The Mystery of Tabuu-Lost Sad

The Four Warriors-Lost Sad
Chapters 1-11-Lost Sad

The New Age of Pokemon
Chapter 1-Click Here
Chapter 2-Click Here
Chapter 3-Lost Sad

When Worlds Collide
Chapter 1-Click Here
Chapter 2-Lost Sad

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Book 1-Explorers of the Ancients
Chapter 1-Riolu Found-Click Here
Chapter 2-Finding Sen-Coming Soon
Chapter 3-Saving Sunkern-Coming Soon
Chapter 4-Rescuing Bonsly-Coming Soon
Chapter 5-Facing Skarmizard-Coming Soon

---------(Name hidden until mentioned in fanfic) (a.k.a. Story, Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure LeafGreen Version, and L and J's Adventure)
Note: Each "serial" will be a topic on the forum, not the individual "episodes". Also, episodes are NOT chapters. I like the idea of having it set up like a tv show Wink.
Season/Series 1
    Serial/Book 1: The Hidden Truth (a.k.a. -- ---------- -----)
         Episode/Part 1: The Hidden Truth (again, a.k.a. -- ---------- -----)
         Episode/Part 2: The Purple Sky (a.k.a. --- --- -- ------)
         Episode/Part 3: The Evil Room (a.k.a. --- --- -- ----)
         Episode/Part 4: The Truth-teller
The chapter names may vary and the times they come out can vary too.
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