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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure Saga Gold Version Chapter 1

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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure Saga Gold Version Chapter 1

Post by Tadukoo on Mon May 09, 2011 7:18 pm

Chapter 1: The Ship
April 11, 100,000 AD
Yesterday, Sceptile spent the rest of the day in the bathroom, so we didn’t hear anymore of the story yet.

Today when I woke up, I went into the room we had been in yesterday. There was no one there, to my surprise, so I went into the kitchen, and everyone was there, making pizza, oblivious to what had gone on yesterday.

“I thought we were going to finish the story?” I said to Lickilicky.

“What story?” he asked.

“The one from yesterday,” I replied.

“Oh yeah,” Lickilicky said. “I was just getting to that.”

“Let’s see, where was I?” Lickilicky continued. “It was a bright shiny day…”

“Farther than that, you were,” Houndoom said.

“You were at ‘The ship was just about to hit us when…’, and then you got cut off,” Sceptile said.

“Oh yeah,” Lickilicky said.

The Story Continued

The ship was just about to hit us when Lucario asked, “Did you bring the ointment?”

“Did you bring the ointment!?!” I replied. “We’re about to die and you’re concerned about ointment?”

“You think I should’ve brought some medication instead?” Lucario asked.

Before I could answer, the ship hit us. I blacked out, so I don’t know exactly what happened then.

When I regained consciousness, the first thing I noticed was that Lucario wasn’t concerned at all about me. He was looking around, but I didn’t know what for. He spotted me as soon as I sat up, and he walked over.

“I can’t find my ointment,” he said. “Have you seen it?”

“What’s that over there?” I asked him, ignoring his question, as I pointed at a huge crater in the ground. While I was pointing, I could smell burnt metal and practically taste rocket fuel.

For any humans that may read this journal in the future, most of us that are here are Pokemon, and we do not breathe the same way as you do. We have adaptive breathing, which allows us to conform to the atmosphere around us so we can breathe wherever we are.

Anyway, that’s enough of me writing here, back to the story.

“It must be the ship the hit ours,” Lucario said, actually sounding smart for once.

Immediately after he said that I noticed there was a huge crater right behind me that had a diameter that was at least ten meters bigger than the one I had already noticed. I could also tell that both craters had some rusty metal in them. Suddenly out of nowhere I heard a loud, indescribable, ear-piercing sound like a boom that made my ears start ringing. I could tell it came from the first crater I noticed, but I couldn’t tell anything else, because there was a huge, mushroom-shaped smoke cloud, which had a base diameter that was at least twenty meters wider than the diameter of the crater itself.

As soon as the ringing in my ears stopped, I heard someone screaming very loudly, or it could have been multiple people screaming very loudly, I couldn’t quite tell yet. The screaming stopped just in time for what sounded like a huge soda can falling on a metal floor. After I heard that, I examined the ground more closely. It turns out that the ground wasn’t actually ground at all. It turns out that it was actually a steel floor that was painted green to appear as if it were grass, which no longer exists, as far as I know. But even so, now steel is primitive, too. After I noticed that, I looked at the sky…

“Why are you going into so much detail?” Mudkip asked. “Usually you go into as little detail as possible and tell a one thousand year story in three hours.”

“I know that Blaziken here is writing this story down in his journal,” Lickilicky replied. “Wait a second, do we know you?”

“Sure you know me, I’m you’re best friend,” I replied. “We’ve been friends ever since I started living here.”

“And when was that?” Lickilicky asked me, waiting for me to start running away and admit that I shouldn’t be there.

“You know… it was…,” I said right before I started running away.

“I knew you shouldn’t be here!” Lickilicky yelled as everyone but Olimar started chasing after me.

Right before I got out of there house I heard Olimar yell, “I’ll stay here and make sure he doesn’t come back!”

“How are you gonna…” is all I heard Lickilicky say before I got too far away to hear him anymore.

I found the nearest tree I could get to and climbed up it. It was an oak tree, for anyone who wants to know, and it just so happened that this tree was old and started falling as soon as I started climbing it. The top of it landed on Lucario’s house that was in the shape of his head. More specifically, it landed between his two ears, creating a hole that lead into his attic. He never uses his attic anyway, so I went into it.

Once I got into his attic, the tree fell into the actual room, but it missed me, so I was fine. I noticed that there were at least a thousand boxes in the room, but I didn’t feel like figuring out what was in them, because I was more concerned about if I would get caught or not. I put my ear to the floor and listened.

“What was that?” I heard Lickilicky ask.

“I think it was a tree,” I heard Olimar reply.

“I’ll go out and…” I heard Lucario Jr. say, just before I heard a door slam.

I heard someone jump and land on the roof. At this point I was sweating like crazy, so much that there was practically a flood in the attic. Just then I noticed that Lucario Jr. was looking in through the hole in the roof. I quickly hid behind some of the boxes right before he looked over where I was. It seemed like he saw me move, since he jumped down into the attic and started looking around.

Before he could make another movement, a second tree fell onto the house, and it covered the hole in the roof, so that now I can’t get out that way. Lucario Junior started walking over towards me, and I took a piece of tape that I found on the floor, and as soon as he came over I put it over his mouth so he couldn’t talk. Then I took a metal chair that I had found behind the boxes, along with some tape that was on a box and tied him to the chair by putting the tape around his chest and the back of the chair, and taping his legs to the chair’s legs. I also found some handcuffs lying on top of the box and cuffed his hands together.

Just then I examined the area where I took the tape off the floor, and I realized that it wasn’t tape. It was metal, and it was part of the floor. I must’ve been so sweaty that I was able to bend it easily. Luckily, the hole in the floor was only big enough for me to see out of and no one could see up through it.

I started looking through it and listening to hear someone talking when I heard Lucario Senior say, “Let’s check the attic!”

Just then, I heard them get right under the attic door. They pulled down the stairs just as I hid myself and Lucario Junior behind some of the boxes.

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