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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Chapter1

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Lucario and Lickilicky's Adventure-Part1-Chapter1

Post by Tadukoo on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:40 pm

“Where are we? What happened?” Lucario asked. “Let’s check the radar,” Lickilicky replied. “Look’s like we’re on…” BOOM! Their ship exploded into nine pieces all over the planet. “What just happened?” Lucario asked. “Our ship blew up,” Lickilicky answered. BOOM! “What was that?!” Lucario asked. “It sounded like another ship blew up somewhere,” Lickilicky answered. Lucario looked around. “Whose ship is that?” Lucario asked. He pointed to a ship ten yards away.

“Who is that?” a mysterious voice asked. “I don’t know,” three others replied. “Let’s check.” “Okay,” the first said. They headed towards Lucario’s ship. Lucario charged up his aura sphere just in case they attacked him. Lucario saw four figures heading towards the ship. They got to the ship. “It’s Olimar, Louie, the president, and someone else. Olimar crash landed on the pikmin planet after being hit by a meteorite. Louie came here with Olimar after he caused their business a huge debt. After they got enough money from stuff on the pikmin planet to pay off the debt Olimar went back home without Louie by accident. The president went with Olimar to the pikmin planet and they beat titan dweevil and got Louie,” Lucario whispered to Lickilicky.

“Hi I’m Orawil,” the president said. “Your name is Orawil? I thought you were the president,” Lucario said. “I am the president and who are you?” Orawil replied. “I’m Lucario and this is Lickilicky. I know you’re Olimar, you’re Louie, and you’re the president. But, who is that?” Lucario answered. He pointed at the fourth figure. “I’m Wobres. I’m a scientist,” The fourth figure replied. “Did you know Olimar that if you switch the letters in your name its Mario and an l. Also, Louie is very close to being Luigi. Then Orawil the letters are Wario with an l. And finally Wobres is Bowser with the letters rearranged. They are characters in the Mario series,” Lucario said. “We didn’t know that!” They replied. “That is weird.”

“Let’s examine our ships,” Lucario said. “Okay let’s do yours first,” Olimar said. Lucario looked at his ship’s radar. “It looks like your ship has fifty parts to get. Mine has nine.” Lucario said. BOOM! “Make that ten.” “So, Olimar what were you doing in outer space?” Lucario asked. “Well I missed the pikmin,” Olimar replied. “I was hungry for some bugs on the pikmin planet,” Louie answered. “We need more money for our business,” Orawil replied. “I wanted to study the pikmin and the creatures on their planet,” Wobres answered. “We will be able to tell our ship pieces apart,” Olimar said. “Let’s start looking for them.”
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