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The New Age of Pokemon-Chapter2

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The New Age of Pokemon-Chapter2 Empty The New Age of Pokemon-Chapter2

Post by Tadukoo on Fri Aug 14, 2009 6:12 pm

Chapter 2: The Mystery
Part1: The “death” of a great person
Professor Sam Oak was in his lab, trying to figure out how to make a clone of a pokemon. Someone came in.
He said, “Hey do want to buy a Magikarp?”
“No, I don’t believe in buying pokemon,” Professor Oak replied.
“What about a Feebas?” the person asked.
“I told you I don’t…” Professor Oak started.
“What about a Chimecho then?” the man insisted, interrupting Professor Oak.
“I told you…” Professor Oak started again.
“Then do you want a Palkia?” the man argued.
“I…” Professor Oak started again.
“Fine, then take this nice warm soup,” the man said smiling.
“Okay, thank you,” Professor Oak said.
Professor Oak ate the soup and continued his research. Later that night he went over to Gary’s lab where Gary was working on a way to make pokemon food.
Professor Oak came in yelling, “Gary, I figured out how to clone pokemon!”
Suddenly Professor Oak got huge and exploded.
The next day they held a funeral. Everyone was sad, except for a strange person in the back, standing there, half-smiling. On his shirt it said, “It’s for the best.”
Part2: The Discovery of Ditto
The next day Gary went to his lab and on the exact spot his father was standing he found a flower. It was growing out of the floor of the lab. On top, where the bud/petals should be, Gary saw what looked like a purple glob of goo.
The day after that he found a Ditto where the flower had been. He was shocked. He fainted from being so shocked.
The next day Gary woke up to a bunch of people standing in front of him.
One of them asked him, “Where did you get that Ditto?”
Another asked, “Can I have it?”
“I think it grew from a flower and no you can’t have it,” Gary replied.
“Please, can it be my starter?” the second asked.
“No, this is my Ditto,” Gary replied.
“Please Professor Oak?” a little kid with sad eyes asked.
“No,” Gary replied.
“Why not?” the little kid asked.
“Because I think it might be my father,” Gary answered.
Part3: The Horrible Part
The next day a mysterious person went around town. He took over all of the gyms except for the one in Pallet City. He had all of them destroyed. He also took over and destroyed all of the battle frontier places and all of the gym leaders and Elite Four and champions are missing. Most of the Pokemon trainers gave up. You can beat all of them in a day. Ash is the only leader left. He took over the Pallet City Gym just before all of these horrible things took place. Ash made Brock the leader of the Pallet City Gym. Everywhere you can see the words, “It’s for the best.” No one knows what happened.
Part4: Finding Out
The King of Pokemon and his servants, the pokemon trainers that are left, went to Cinnamon to find out what the strange person was talking about.
When they got over to Cinnamon, it was almost completely destroyed again. They found the strange person. He was the only person left. The others were mysteriously gone.
“So, what are you here for?” the strange man asked.
“We’re here to find out what is happening,” Ash replied.
“Oh, yes,” the strange man said. “What’s happening. The team I warned people about is back. They have done this.”
“Are there special signs this team uses?” Ash asked.
“Why, sure,” the strange man replied. “They use It’s for the best.”
“We saw that everywhere,” Ash said. “There was a man at Professor Oak’s funeral that had a shirt that said that and he was half-smiling.”
“That is definitely the team,” the strange man said.
“What’s the name of the team?” Ash asked.
“The name is Team Ultimate,” the strange man replied. “Just don’t say it much or they might get you.”
“Really? They might get us if we say, ‘TEAM ULIMATE!’?” Brock asked.
Suddenly a strange person dressed in white came up to them and trapped Brock in a box. He took him away.
Ash and his followers followed where they thought the person took Brock.
“We just got the Pallet City Gym leader roger,” a person’s Walkie-talkie said.
“Okay, I’ll destroy the gym roger,” the person answered.
The person took over the gym and destroyed it. He put the rubble in the shape of the words: It’s for the best.
Ash and his followers found a cave. It was blocked off by a metal door with a key lock. They typed in Team Ultimate, thinking it would work. They heard typing on the other side of the door. A man came out and took Cynthia. The door shut as soon as he got back inside. They typed in It’s for the Best. The door opened.
They changed the password to say You Guys Are Horrible. They saw two paths.
“Okay, let’s not split up,” Ash said.
Half of them took one path and the other took the other path.
After an hour Misty said, “Where are you Ash and Team Ultimate?”
Someone came from behind them. All of them hid in a nearby bookshelf. The person got Misty and took her away. Now there are four of them that took the left path and five that took the right path.
On the right path Ash, followed by Dawn, Paul, May, and Max, went down the long hallway. They ended up in a large room filled with metal jails with all of the people that disappeared.
“Hurry, before Team ultimate comes in!” Brock yelled.
Someone came in, took Brock out of his jail and put him back in.
“Hey, you Team Ultimate!” May yelled. “I challenge you!”
The person came over, took May, and put her in a jail labeled May.
“Team Ultimate!” Dawn and Paul yelled.
The person locked them in jails also. Ash and Max ran away as fast as they could. They hit the door on the way out. All of the people that took the left path got caught.
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